About CESA #2


Improve student learning by expanding the capacity of our diverse school districts



  Collaborative relationships  
Effective practice Tailored services Family engagement
Shared leadership Results focus Innovative thinking



Become the preferred partner by helping districts achieve exceptional student learning

CESA 2 will:
• Deliver innovative and effective model of professional development and services
that have a strong, positive impact on those whom we serve.
• Provide a unique, comprehensive system analysis process for districts and
schools that utilizes data to enhance decisions about critical initiatives and
performance goals.
• Connect our partners with resources that meet their needs.
• Cultivate partnerships with organizations having specialized and relevant
knowledge to enrich the flow of new ideas into CESA products and services.
• Maximize member districts’ cost efficiencies.
• Assess alignment to mission, values and vision in all our work.
• Evaluate results of our work for effectiveness and sustainability.

The Cooperative Educational Service Agency 2 (CESA) provides services and support to its 74 member school districts throughout Dane, Green, Jefferson, Kenosha, Racine, Rock and Walworth counties in southern Wisconsin. Working in partnership with school districts, universities and businesses, CESA 2 strives to be a leader of educational leaders. CESA 2 is governed by section 116.01 of Wisconsin State Statutes, which allows it to enter into contracts and act as a liaison between school districts, the Department of Public Instruction and the U.S. Department of Education.

Funding for CESA 2 programs and services comes from state and federal grants, professional development workshop fees and fees paid for specific services.

The CESA 2 Board of Control acts as the governing body for the agency. The eleven member board is made up of a delegate from each of the eleven geographical clusters that make up CESA 2’s region. Each member of the CESA 2 Board of Control is a member of his or her local school board. Delegates are elected during the annual CESA delegate convention.

Responsibilities of the CESA 2 Board of Control include:

  • Setting policies
  • Authorizing expenditures
  • Appointing an agency administrator
  • Approving service contracts with school districts
  • Receiving funding from state categorical aid, as well as, state and federal grants

Board of Control meetings are typically held on the third Tuesday of the month.

CESA 2’s Agency Administrator and its Board of Control are advised by the administrators of the 74 member school districts. The Professional Advisory Committee meets monthly. All CESA 2 school district administrators are invited to attend the PAC meetings. PAC meetings are typically held on the first Thursday of the month.

CESA 2 Services and Statewide Education Initiatives

Last Updated: 7/12/16