Name Title Email Phone
Aldworth, Nicole Early Childhood Consultant Email 920.382.5999
Anderson, Phil Communications Coordinator Email 262.473.1459
Barlass, Nicole Executive Director of Operations Email 262.473.1447
Bergan, Christine Director - Driver Education Email 608.290.4663
Bier, Jonna Physical Therapy Assistant Email 608.201.1337
Bilau, Deb Blind & Visually Impaired Consultant Email 608.751.6934
Ceranske, Patty Accounts Receivable/Accounting Associate Email 262.473.1472
Chavez, Carlene WSPEI Family Engagement Co-Coordinator Email 414.791.0837
Clarke, Beth Digital Learning Director Email 608.751.6427
Conrad, Diane Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Email 262.939.2986
Contreras, Diane Educational Audiologist Email 608.295.2819
Cosson, Patience Speech/Language Pathologist Email 920.397.8930
Dabel, Paula Consultant for: NVCI - Transition - PBIS - Special Education - TBI Email 920.723.3154
Dallin, Chelsea School Counselor (WCBVI) Email 608.758.6163
Dayton, Ron Liaison Project Center Leader Email 608.520.6180
Duffy, Stacy Transition and Identification Specialist Email 608.631.0933
Elger, Tracy Executive Director of Integrated Programs & Services Email 262.473.1443
Freeman, Elizabeth System Support Consultant Email 608.347.1716
Gerstner, Marlene Accounting Associate Email 262.473.1453
Geyso, Matt Physical Therapy Assistant Email 262.210.1184
Gierach, Jill Assistive Technology Consultant Email 608.921.1258
Hanrahan, Dan Agency Administrator Email 262.473.1460
Hutson, Donna PRC Consultant/Accounts Payable Email 262.473.1449
Jadrnicek, Aimee Speech/Language Pathologist Email 414.333.1187
Jenson, Pam TIG Program and Data Coordinator Email 608-921-1400
Kavanaugh, Katie School Psychologist Email 608.224.9200
Keehn, Carmen VOA Program Assistant Email 608.741.6687
Keith, Nancy Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Email 608.235.3624
Kimberlin, Kristi Social Worker Email 317.908.0541
Larimer, Beth Educational Audiologist Email 262.473.1458
Lehman, Amy Teacher of the Visually Impaired Email 414.881.7719
Lesondak, Audrey Language Acquisition Consultant Email 608.843.9088
Lettau, Gretchen Dual Language Acquisition Consultant Email 920.637.4943
Lilly, Mitchell Executive Director of Marketing & Communications Email 262.473.1450
Linz, Anastasia Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Email 262.674.4586
Marquart, Mike Senior Director of Technology Services Email 262.473.1441
Masiarchin, Tere Director, Language & Culture Center Email 715.460.1086
McClone, Marissa Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Email 920.470.9598
Mijajlovic, Steven Curriculum & Coaching Consultant Email 224.595.4646
Montes de Oca, Alyssa Graphic Designer/Marketing Specialist Email 262.473.1444
O'Connor, Ed System Support Consultant Email 608.516.0457
Pelz, Jennifer VOA Coordinator/Employment Training Specialist Email 608.741.6687
Portillo, Hector WSPEI Family Engagement Co-Coordinator Email 608.617.8066
Preman, Julie RSN Director/AT Consultant Email 414.839.8551
Rivas, Robin Language Acquisition Consultant Email 414.405.6077
Robers, Kathy Physical Therapist Email 262.818.4110
Russell, Karen Early Childhood Consultant/Early Learning Center Leader Email 608.228.4827
Schmitz, Valerie Education Data & Practice Specialist Email 920.205.4116
Simpson, Suzette Occupational Therapist Email 608.289.0295
Smith, Patti Educational Audiologist Email 262.473.1458