Westosha Special Education Alliance (WSEA)

Westosha Special Education Alliance (WSEA) is a special education consortium overseeing the provision of special education and related services for four public school districts located in western Kenosha County west of I-94. WSEA, a satellite office of CESA 2, is the center for administration and oversight of referral, evaluation, placement, transportation, and instructional supervision of CESA 2’s special education programs. This is done in close collaboration with district personnel where special education programs are housed. WSEA embraces the belief that all children can learn and promotes the provision of exemplary services and programs to meet the individual educational needs of children with disabilities in a sincere effort to improve their future quality of life.

How This Service Benefits Member Districts:
-- Increased consultative services to parents, staff, and administration
-- Increased staff collaboration around special education issues
-- Improved knowledge-base regarding special education compliance
-- Increased opportunities for the provision of a full continuum of services to meet special education needs
-- Increased implementation of best practices with regards to the provision of special education services
-- Increased communication of resources available to parents

How These Will Be Accomplished:
-- Provision of staff/services based on district needs
-- Provision of administrative coordination, evaluation, organization, and leadership
-- Provision of support to school district staff regarding special education issues
-- Consultation and collaboration with LEA administration and staff
-- Collaborative partnerships with community agencies and programs

Costs are based on a shared cost computed on actual service delivery or actual days of student enrollment.

Last Updated: 6/28/16
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