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Welcome to the CESA depository of professional development materials for understanding and implementing the Next Generation Science Standards.  These materials and this page are still continuing in their development, so please let us know of any feedback you may have.  These materials were developed as part of a CESA led committee that included Chad Janowski, Judy Sargent, Eric Brunsell, Shelley Lee, Dennis Kostac, Curt Julian, Kevin Anderson, Ellen Van Pay and Laurie Mitchell. 

Kevin's First Letter on Adoption of the Wisconsin Next Generation Science Standards  (aka WINGSS)

NGSS links and PD resources (focus on CESA #2 workshop materials)

Half-day Overview of the NGSS - powerpoint slides for a half day K-12 overview

NGSS in DCI view and the NGSS in topic view - updated version as of May 1, 2013 with math and ELA connections

Timeline and planning for NGSS Roll out - ideas for rolling out the NGSS in your districts

Understanding by Design (blank) - template for setting learning objectives with NGSS - also have some ideas for filling the UbD template

NSTA's NGSS Resources - includes information about the NGSS app, good NGSS books and the fabulous webinars on NGSS

Elementary Presentation Slides - slides giving a basic introduction to the NGSS and then digging in with elementary examples

Middle School Presentation Slides - slides giving a basic introduction to the NGSS and then digging in with middle school examples

High School Presentation Slides - slides giving a basic introduction to the NGSS and then digging in with high school examples

Presentation Slides - general - overview of the NGSS

Three Dimensions of the NGSS - brief listing of the DCI, practices and crosscutting concepts from NSTA

Assessment and the NGSS (more to come)

Claims, evidence and reasoning (CER) are an important part of scientifict explanation - I developed a rubric for CER writing linked to SBAC/CCSS rubrics, and revised a template for writing CER explanations.

My 7th grade science SLO - uses the above rubric

Modeling is an important practice NGSS as well - have a rubric for using a model and some model review questions.

Link to the new NRC Report on Science Assessment - lots of good ideas!

Project-Based Learning (PBL) and the NGSS

Presentation Slides on PBL - from a workshop I did in December, connecting CCSS, NGSS and PBL

Planning Template for PBL - blank form to help guide through the steps of creating a PBL unit

Filled in Planning Template for PBL - some ideas for how I might fill in this planning form for a PBL unit

CESA Science PD Materials

NGSS Overview Presentation (ppt)

NGSS Overview Presentation (pdf)

Activity 1 -Intro to Elem NGSS Activity 2 - Compare and Contrast WMAS and NGSS Activity 3 - Four Major Shifts
Activity 4 - Shifting Teaching and Learning Activity 5 - Standards-Based Education  Activity 6 - Scavenger Hunt
Activity 7 - Performance Expectations Activity 8 - Science and Engineering Practices Activity 9 - Disciplinary Core Ideas
Activity 10 - Crosscutting Concepts Activity 11 - A Closer Look at NGSS Activity 12 - Review of a Science Lesson
Activity 13 - NGSS Action Plan    

CESA 7 hosted NGSS resource page - has above activities as pdf docs

Activities Handouts for the overview of the NGSS
Activity 1 - Compare and contrast the NGSS and WMAS
Activity 2 - Implications of the conceptual shifts in the NGSS
Activity 3 - What is a standard?
Activity 4 - Investigating a lesson through the lens of the NGSS
Activity 5 - Content, pedagogy and structural shifts in teaching the NGSS
Activity 6 - Next steps in implementation

Sample lesson - middle school earth scieince

Sample lesson - elementary waves lesson

5E Lesson Planning in Science - information on the BSCS 5E model for planning lessons (with 7E connections) and a blank template

What's has changed between the WMAS and NGSS?   4th Grade  8th Grade  12th Grade

Questions?  Please contact Kevin Anderson -