VOA Services

Pre-Employment Skills Training
Provides a service to consumers that need intensive assistance with techniques necessary to actively job search and obtain employment. This service will include: sample work applications, assistance with completing applications, resume development, cover letter development, interviewing techniques, on-site interview assistance, and appropriate work habits; i.e., hygiene, interpersonal skills, and communication skills.

Job Development Services
The individual served will receive extensive assistance in identifying, obtaining and maintaining competitive employment consistent with his or her skills and abilities. Placement activities include written communication skills, self-directed job search training, employer contacts, job hire and 90-day follow-up. Job coaching for a limited amount of time may be offered in some circumstances.

Supported Employment Program
This program provides a three-step process to successful community employment including vocational assessment, job hire, and maintaining employment through the assistance of a job coach and building natural supports. Ongoing support is provided up to an eighteen-month period of time offering a smooth transition into the Developmental Disabilities Follow-up Program.

Developmental Disabilities Follow-up Program
Individuals in this program receive long-term follow-up services in order to transition from the Supported Employment Program. The program assists individuals in maintaining their work skills and behaviors within their current employment setting. This is accomplished through employment visits on a regular basis and continued communication with employers, guardians, families and collateral agencies to assure success in a community setting.

Integrated Training Services
A team approach is provided in this program focusing on community employment with the assistance of a job coach. The program also focuses on vocational training, daily living skills and community-based activities.

Learning Lab
This program provides vocational training skills, daily living skills, employment and community integration. Activities range from learning computer skills, daily living skills, life skills, and participating in community-based activities.

Last Updated: 6/14/12