Value-Added Growth Model
About the Partnership 
CESA 2 and the Value Added Research Center (VARC), a division of the Wisconsin Center for Educational Research (WCER), have teamed since 2008 to bring the power of the Value-Added Growth Model to school districts in Wisconsin.  The partnership spun as a part of a VARC/DPI Value-Added pilot. VARC and CESA 2 have promoted Value-Added through VA Workshops, forming a VA Advisory Council and jointly planning and sponsoring annual conferences.
Now a Part of the State Report Card
As a result of these grassroots efforts and the dedication of the Value-Added researchers, the Value-Added growth metric is now used as the growth measure on the State Report Card (starting Fall 2016).
Click here for the most recent (Sept 2016) Value-Added information from DPI:
More information from VARC:

Closing the Achievement Gap: Value-Added Network Conference

November 9, 2016

Closing the Achievement Gap is one of the critical issues in education today.  There are no easy answers but the Closing the Achievement Gap Conference is designed to focus the conversation around what is happening now, and what educators can do to impact the achievement gap. 

Add to this conversation the new growth measure for state report cards, and the conversation becomes even more important. All educators know that Value-Added will be the growth measure used on the state Report Card this year, but do educators know how to use value-added information to understand student growth, especially sub-population growth? Are educators ready to explain the Value-Added Growth Model to constituents?  

Find out more by attending on November 9. The Closing the Achievement Gap Conference is sponsored by CESA 2 and the Value-Added Network and is timely for all educators. 

November 9, 2016
Held at CESA 2, Whitewater, WI

Agenda and Breakout Sessions

Early Bird Pricing: $110/person until October 10. 
After October 10, $125/person

Registration deadline:
October 31, 2016

Registration link:

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