Transition Assessment Websites

Transition Assessment Web Sites

NSTTAC Postseconday Goal Examples and Non-Examples 

Independent Living Assessments

Personal Preference Indicators (free)

Supports Intensity Scale


Enderle-Severson Transition Assessments

Life Skill Inventory (free)


Casey Life Skills (free)

Self-Determination Assessments

Guide to Assessing College Readiness (free)


AIR Self-Determination Assessment (free)

ARC Self-Determination Assessment (free)


Field and Hoffman Self-Determination Assessments (free)

ChoiceMaker Self-Determination Assessment




Vocational Assessments

U.S Dept of Labor O-Net

Self-Directed Search


Employability Life Skills Assessment

On-Line Individual Interest Inventories

Career Clusters  


I Oscar:                   

Learn More Indiana

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Job Videos


Job Themed Illustration to Download


Choose and Take Action (assessment video for students with ID/MR)

Student-Directed Transition Planning

Me! Lessons for Teaching Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy

Last Updated: 2/20/15