Transition Resources

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website of transition resources and services for students with disabilities.

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) is a state agency that offers a wide variety of employment programs and services, including securing jobs for the disabled.

DVR 101: Think About the Possibilities
Seamless Collaboration With and For Students with Disabilities - Transition to Employment and Adult Life
Workforce Innovation
Top Ten Things You Should Know About DVR


College Preparation Checklist
This checklist will tell you how to get ready for college and how the government will help you pay for it.

College Resources for Students with Disabilities

Transition Improvement Grant (TIG)

The Transition Improvement Grant (TIG) encourages effective practice Postsecondary Transition Plan (PTP) development, support the Interagency Agreement through the Transition Action Guide, encourage community engagement through the County Communities on Transition (CCoT), and provide ongoing technical assistance and professional development opportunities to all stakeholders. 


Section 504 and IDEA-Navigating the Maze of Special Education Legislation

Section 504 Procedures Manual


A New Way of Thinking 
Chapter 1 Activities
Activity 2.1 - Know Your Brain
Chapter 2 Activities
Chapter 3 Activities
Chapter 4 Activities
Chapter 5 Activities

ANTs Song (mp3)
ANTs Song lyrics - .pdf
ANTs Song lyrics - .docx

Posters - 11 x 17

Poster - ANTs Definitions - .pdf
Poster - Ten ANTs Principles - .pdf

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