Transition Advisory Network (TAN)

The CESA 2 Transition program works with school districts throughout a seven-county area to develop a strong Transition Advisory Network (TAN). The purpose of our network is to partner with school districts, youth, families, and communities.

TAN was developed to provide ongoing information and support to district staff working in the area of transition. Members have the opportunity to network with other districts and build a learning community of unique ideas to assist in their transition plans within their districts.


TAN Services include:

  • Quarterly meetings: each meeting will begin with a review of district transition plans. 
  • Ongoing phone and email consultation
  • Dissemination of current information related to transition
  • Support in conducting post high surveys
  • Support in completing PTP plans

Districts will also receive:

  • Reduced fees for CESA 2 Transition In-Service trainings
  • Materials for all network meetings
  • Networking time with other districts
  • Participation for students in the annual Job Olympics transition event hosted by the CESA 2 Transition Program

Transition Facts and Statistics:

  • Transition planning must be in effect once a student is 14 years of age
  • Transition goals are determined by the parents and student only 25% of the time
  • Only 13% of Special Education graduates are employed 2 years after exit

Quick Facts:

  • Fees are based on district size:  
    Small - $2,500     Medium - $3,000     Large - $3,500
  • Join with a district NEW to the TAN group and both districts will receive a 25% discount:  Small-$1,875   Medium-$2,250   Large-$2,625

What Educators are saying about TAN:

"I always leave the meetings with something new I can use immediately at school!"

"Being new, I have learned so much networking with other districts!"








Last Updated: 6/22/16