System Support Services

To function effectively, school districts must manage a variety of different components of their overall educational system. CESA 2 offers support to school districts to implement school-wide and district-wide programs crucial to a strong organization. A strong school system maximizes student learning.

Support Services Personnel

Gail Anderson - Regional Service Network (RSN) Director/Instructional Services Center Leader

Ed O'Connor - System Support Consultant & Center Leader

Ron Dayton - Consultant/Facilitator (Educator Effectiveness, SMART Academy, & Strategic Planning for Schools)

Michelle Escamilla - AmeriCorps, Farm to School? Community Outreach Specialist

Elizabeth Freeman - System Support Consultant

Cynthia Holt - Co-Coordinator, CESA Purchasing

Kim Jordan - Administrative Assistant, CESA Purchasing

Joe Klein - AmeriCorps, Farm to School Jefferson County Nutrition Education Specialist 

Lisa Melby - Co-Coordinator, CESA Purchasing

Leslie Steinhaus - JEDI Director (Educator Effectiveness, Schools of the Future Conference, SMART Academy, Strategic Planning for Schools,Title II B, & Value-Added training and Cohort Networking)

CESA Purchasing

Save on purchases. Spend on students. Regional and state-wide contracts are available at little or no cost to districts. Partnerships with vendors ensure cost-savings for districts with thousands of brands and products schools trust.

Professional Development Plans (PDPs)
Educator Effectiveness

The Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System is a performance-based evaluation system designed to support the continuous improvement of educator practice that leads to improved student learning.

ESEA - Title I, Title II, and Title III

ESEA, also known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB), is the largest federally funded education act. In addition to providing assistance with the implementation of federal funds, these services help schools develop and implement quality programs focused on improving student achievement.


Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support is a systemic approach to proactive, school-wide behavior based on the RtI model. It is NOT a curriculum, but rather a decision-making process that guides selection, integration, and implementation of evidence-based behavioral practices and strategies for improving important academic/behavior outcomes for all students.

RtI Network

The Response to Intervention Network serves districts through comprehensive trainings and coaching, which enable districts to effectively implement RtI.

Statewide Title I Network

The Statewide Title I Network is a collaborative effort between the 12 Wisconsin CESAs that provides increased technical assistance and professional development for districts and schools with Title I programs through financial support from the Department of Public Instruction.

Dialogue with Attorney Program

The Dialogue with Attorney program is intended to address general procedural compliance questions in the realm of Special Education. Typical questions and topics include IEP content requirements, IEP meeting requirements, student discipline procedures, least restrictive environments, evaluation procedures, student transfers, Section 504 accommodation plans, etc.

RSN (Regional Service Network)

The mission of the Wisconsin RSN is to improve the quality of educational services to students with disabilities.


Special education program leadership services are available to assist public schools with the delivery of special education services. Customized services are also available based on district need.

SWIS Facilitation

The School-Wide Information System (SWIS) is a web-based information system designed to be an efficient, reliable and confidential strategy for collecting, summarizing, and using student discipline data. SWIS aligns with a Response to Intervention (RtI) framework and provides the needed data for both universal screening and progress monitoring.

Data Analysis and Accountability

Educators need to know how to use data to improve their instructional practices and meet new accountability requirements.  This program area provides resources and training for understanding and using assessment data, using the new online DPI data tools (e.g. WISEdash), and interpreting the new School Report Cards. These services include data digs and SMART goal setting.

System Support Services Center

To function effectively, school districts must manage a variety of different components of their overall educational system. CESA 2 offers support to school districts to implement school-wide and district-wide programs crucial to a strong organziation. A strong school system maximizes student learning.

Leadership Support

In today’s dynamic education climate, it is useful to have places to network with colleagues and learn from each other.  CESA 2 offers a variety of opportunities for district leaders to collaborate and share their  ideas including the CESA 2 Learning and Assessment Collaborative, Leadership Institute in partnership with WASDA and monthly Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) meetings.



Instructional Coaching
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