SWIS (School-Wide Information System) Facilitation

The School-Wide Information System (SWIS) is a web-based information system designed to be an efficient, reliable and confidential strategy for collecting, summarizing, and using student discipline data. SWIS aligns with a Response to Intervention (RtI) framework and provides the needed data for both universal screening and progress monitoring.

SWIS was developed at the University of Oregon, is upgraded annually, and runs on dedicated servers that meet all confidentiality and reliability criteria established by federal, state, and university regulations.

The information system can be used for:
-- Internal decision making as schools improve their discipline practices
-- Support plan design with individual students and their families
-- Reporting to district, state, and federal agencies about school outcomes

SWIS provides information at three levels:
-- The whole school
-- Targeted groups of students at-risk
-- Intensive individualized student interventions

To obtain a SWIS account, a school must collaborate with a SWIS Facilitator.

There are three SWIS applications now available:
-- CICO-SWIS (Check in-Check out)
-- ISIS-SWIS (Individual Student Intervention System)

Last Updated: 8/7/12