RSN (Regional Service Network)
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The Wisconsin Regional Service Network (RSN) is offered in cooperation with the Department of Public Instruction as a free support to all area Directors of Special Education. The mission of the Wisconsin RSN is to improve the quality of educational services to students with disabilities. The RSN has identified the strategies of communication, staff development, and leadership for accomplishing this mission.The RSN also provides technical assistance to local special education leaders via phone calls, district visits, information dissemination, discussions at CESA 2 RSN meetings. The State Performance Plan-20 indicators (SPP) influence the RSN responsibilities at both the state and local levels.

Activities of the RSN Project include:

  • Regional Service Network Meetings for district-level Directors of Special Education 
  • Participation in the Regional Service Network Grant activities that support DPI Initiatives
  • CESA 2 Special Education Directory
  • Resource and technical assistance, including the 20 Indicators and the Procedural Compliance Self-Assessment process
  • Network of ongoing communication and information between the Department of Public Instruction, CESA 2, and local districts
  • Consultation in the area of special education administration
  • Support and consultation for new Directors of Special Education/Pupil Services
  • Current Independent Education Evaluation (IEE) list

Quick Facts:

  • Available to all Directors of Special Education in the CESA 2 region
  • No charge for RSN due to being underwritten by RSN Grant
  • Activities subject to charge depending on RSN Grant Work Plan written by the Department of Public Instruction


Last Updated: 8/16/16