Professional Resource Center

The Professional Resource Center (PRC) is an instructional materials center for special and regular education teachers, parents, and administrators. This lending library provides resources, an online catalog, and consultative services in the areas of: alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs; adaptive equipment, assessment; developmental stages; driver education; humanistic education (values, social skills, self-esteem, etc.); mathematics; parent education; professional books and curriculum; reading; science; social studies; software; special education; staff development; and vocational education.

The PRC’s collection contains various media types: professional and instructional books, tests, software, videos, and kits.
An online catalog enables easy and up-to-date access to the center’s collection.

Note: This service requires purchase of the CESA #2 van delivery service.
Resources are delivered and returns picked up once a week at the drop/pick-up site (determined by the district administrator).

How Can This Service Benefit Your District?
Membership in the PRC saves districts money by providing access to high-cost resources that may only be in demand periodically. This service provides staff with an opportunity to preview and trial appropriate materials before purchase.

Staff may access the online catalog at anytime from anywhere to place an order.

8663 items in the collection.

Cost is based on district size and level of service.

Level 1: Online Catalog and phone/e-mail consultation

Extra Small(Under 199): $570

Small (200-719): $2,098

Medium(720-1510): $3,299

Large(1511+): $6,833

Level 2: Includes Level 1 service plus one district visit.
District visit includes an informal assessment of student and teacher needs during individual or group teacher visits. Resources are available for check out during teacher visits.

Extra Small(Under 199): $796

Small(200-719): $2,936

Medium(720-1510): $4,100

Large(1511+): $7,998

Last Updated: 8/25/15