PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports)

PBIS is a systemic approach to proactive, school-wide behavior based on the Multi-Level System of Support model.  It is NOT a curriculum, but rather a decision-making process that guides selection, integration, and implementation of evidence-based behavioral practices and strategies for improving important academic/behavior outcomes for all students.

Coach and Team Training
CESA 2 offers a comprehensive sequential training program for both coaches and district/building team members to facilitate implementation of PBIS (EC-12).  These trainings are held throughout the school year in collaboration with the Illinois and Wisconsin PBIS Networks.

In-District Training
CESA 2 offers a variety of in-district professional development opportunities to support district/building needs, including NVCI, and Functional Behavior Assessments/Behavior Intervention Plans (FBA/BIP).  The varied educational backgrounds and experiences of CESA 2's PBIS team allow for customized services to meet the diverse needs of ditrict/building staff.

Network Meetings:  Coaches and Administrators
Throughout the year, CESA 2 offers opportunities for administrators and internal/external coaches to get together to discuss issues, questions, and concerns regarding PBIS implementation in districts.

Quick Facts:
♦ Team Training Fees: Varied, dependent on material and training costs
♦ Network Meeting Fees: as advertised

For more information visit the Wisconsin PBIS Network website:  http://www.wisconsinpbisnetwork.org





Last Updated: 9/19/16