Extended ESEA Administration Support and Customized Services

CESA 2 offers the following services to support school districts with the administration of ESEA:


General Administration
-- Communicate essential information on Title I law, guidelines, requirements and updates through Statewide Title I Network – Title I Coordinator Meetings
-- Provide additional technical assistance, especially around Title I and RtI integration

Project Implementation and Consultation 
-- Develop ESEA application, program plan, and budget
-- Complete and file fiscal claims
-- Maintain accurate audit trail
-- Complete budget revisions as needed
-- Submit a comparability report with the transparency that DPI requires

Project Supervision 
-- Monitor projects for compliance, transparency, and quality
-- Provide professional development for Title I coordinators and teachers through Leadership Development workshops
-- Respond to questions and communicate with DPI
-- Support districts in forming solid partnerships with parents

Fee for extended services is 8% of Title I allocation up to $8,100


Custom Services depending on district needs:
-- Perform compliance audits and provide Title I professional development around compliance issues, including parent involvement strategies, school and district Title I policies and school compacts
-- Facilitate schoolwide transformation process - either as an advisor or a facilitator of the process
-- Provide guidance and development around the RtI framework and Title I
-- Provide in-house professional development and coaching

**Fee based on customized proposal


Last Updated: 7/4/16