CESA 6 EP Model

The DPI, in keeping with the requirements of Act 166 for the State of Wisconsin, approved the CESA 6 (James Stronge research-based) Effectiveness Project as an "equivalant model" for use by districts as their performance evaluation system. The Effectiveness Project (EP) Model is one of 3 approved models for use by Wisconsin school districts. Currently, 26 of the 74 CESA 2 districts are utilizing the Effectiveness Project as their performance evaluation system.

CESA 2 consultants and trainers, in conjnction with CESA 6 support, provide the following services:

  • Implementation Planning support
  • Inplementation Training for Educators and Evaluators
  • Communication Planning and Support
  • "My Learning Plan" Technology Management System training and utilization support
  • On-going response to individual district needs throughout the school year
  • Direct support to district leadership for internal EP Implementation Coaches (EPICs)
  • Annual MLP Data extraction and rollover support
  • External evaluation support as needed

The primary focus of this webpage is to provide CESA 6 EP Districts and users with the following supports:

  • News and Updates
  • CESA 2 EP Training Workshops
  • information and Calendar Dates
  • Key Documents
  • Useful Links

The CESA 2 EP Team seeks to serve your district. We work in conjunction with the CESA 6 EP team to respond to your specific needs. We welcome your contact and input on how we can provide your district, building sites, stakeholders, and individual personnel with planning and support. Successful implementation and utilzation of the EP Model is our singular focus.


Last Updated: 6/18/15