Early Childhood Services


Early Childhood Services works to support best practices in early childhood education and care for all young children. Grounded in concepts presented by the WI School Readiness Initiative, overall richness of opportunity for each child in a community is the focus. Therefore, even work with an individual child or teacher is approached within a collaborative framework and seeks to reach across programs and settings, including home and community, as well as the schools.



IDEA Preschool Discretionary Grant Funded Services

Technical assistance & professional development to:

  • Develop and support interagency community early childhood councils

  • Meet state performance plan indicators 6, 7 & 12

  • Facilitate EC: SE, 4K, 5K programming that is legally sound and research-based, including:

    • service delivery options for young children with disabilities

    • evidence-based teaching strategies & curriculum

    • on-going assessment

    • responsive adult-child interactions

    • strong family partnerships

Early Childhood Brochure

Last Updated: 10/11/16