Dialogue with Attorney

The Dialogue with Attorney program is intended to address general procedural compliance questions. Typical questions and topics include IEP content requirements, IEP meeting requirements, student discipline procedures, least restrictive environments, evaluation procedures, student transfers, Section 504 accommodation plans, etc. The program does not include development or review of policies, letters, or extensive review of school district documents. The attorneys in the program will advise participants when the request may be outside the program.

CESA 2 has made arrangements with these key Wisconsin law firms with school law practices in special education to provide support to special education directors :

  • Boardman & Clark, LLP
  • Davis & Kuelthou, SC 
  • Buelow Vetter, LLC  

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How Can This Service Benefit Your District?

  • Immediate access to attorneys to answer important legal questions
  • Cost-effective way for districts to obtain legal services
  • No time limits or call quotas for questions
  • Timely expert advice protects against costly or labor-intensive mistakes leading to DPI complaints or Due Process proceedings

Fees are based on district size
Small (up to 719 students) - $600
Medium (720-1510 students) - $700
Large (1511 or more students) - $800

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Last Updated: 11/9/15