Educational Audiology


Educational Audiologists work in collaboration with Teachers of the Deaf or Hard of Hearing, medical community, parents and school staff to evaluate whether a child meets criteria as a child with a disability and has a need for special educational services related to hearing loss. CESA 2 Educational Audiologists, licensed through DPI and the Department of Safety and Professional Services, are available to work with students to support their auditory needs.

The Educational Audiologist is specially trained to select, fit, and verify assistive listening devices needed for students who are hard of hearing or deaf. Once the student is fitted with an appropriate listening device, the Educational Audiologist provides on-site visits to inspect and monitor the use and function of hearing equipment and to provide coordination of repair and maintenance of the FM system as needed.

In addition, Educational Audiologists provide quality support for classroom and special education teachers who work with hearing impaired students. They may also provide services to aid schools in assessing the acoustic environment within the school when making recommendations benefiting student success in listening.

Educational Audiology Services include:

  • Consultation
  • Audiology as related services
  • Services within the FM trial period
  • Audiology services for students with 504 or building plans
  • Acoustic evaluation of the educational environment
  • Informational in-services
Last Updated: 12/22/16