ATODA Education Network

Every Child: Safe, Healthy and Connected.

A safe, supportive, and caring school environment enhances a child’s ability to learn.  The Comprehensive Student Health & ATODA Network works primarily through the District ATODA Coordinators, C&I Directors, Pupil Services Directors, Teachers and Principals. The Network can develop and deliver formal training opportunities relevant to district needs. 

Services may include: 
--Prevention curriculum information and training

--Resources for athletic/co-curricular code violations relating to ATODA  and school violence issues
--Programming for parents and staff on the effects of drugs and alcohol on the developing bodies and brains of youth
--Brief Interventions for youth experimenting, abusing or addicted to alcohol or other drugs
--Specific Trainings:  Peer Drama, Threat Assessment, Violence Warning Signs, Suicide Prevention, The Choking Game and other topics upon request
--Assistance in updating and improving your district’s AODA prevention program, safety and crisis response plan or threat assessment team

These services are available as a package by becoming a member of the Comprehensive Student Health and ATODA Education Network.  As a member of the network you will receive one-half to one full day of on-site training (depending on district size), consultation, facilitation, or program assessment/development; monthly newsletters, program updates and access to network lending library/resources.

Cost:  $.70 per student with a cap of $1200.

Individual services are also available.  Please contact Suzanne Sibole at 608-444-1439 to discuss your district's needs. 

Last Updated: 10/9/12