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CESA 2 provides a wide variety of educational services at the local, national, and international levels. 

Agency services are divided into catgories, with all working together to provide collaborative and comprehensive services and solutions.

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Early Learning
Birth to Three (Rock County)

The Birth to Three program provides a helping hand to families with children with developmental delays and disabilities. The program is family-centered and provides early interventions to children from birth to 36 months. Services are provided in the child's natural environments. Offered services include: service coordination, special instruction, family education and specialized therapy.

Early Childhood Services

Early Childhood Consulting Services works to support best practices in early childhood education and care for all young children. Grounded in concepts presented by the WI School Readiness Initiative, overall richness of opportunity for each child in a community is the focus.

Head Start - Jefferson/Western Kenosha County

Head Start is a preschool program focusing on School Readiness for 3-5 year old children living in Jefferson/Western Kenosha Counties. Head State is a Federal and State funded program provided at no cost to eligible families.  Classrooms have licensed teachers. The program partners with local school districts.  

Early Learning Center

The Early Learning services offered by CESA 2 include professional development and support for school districts in implementing early childhood programs, Head Start programs, and the Rock County Birth to Three Program. CESA 2 also provides staff to the Walworth County Birth to Three Program. CESA 2 recognizes the importance of early learning programs to provide a firm foundation for children to reach their academic and social potential.

Instructional Services
Instructional Technology Service

Provides guidance and a forum for District Instructional Technology Coordinators, Network Directors, and Library Media Specialists. Workshop offerings include trainings that focus on the use of  SMART Boards, iPads and social media.

Professional Resource Center

This lending library provides resources, an online catalog, and consultative services in a variety of educational areas including: adaptive equipment, parent education, special education and staff development. The PRC’s collection contains various media types: professional and instructional books, tests, software, videos, and kits.

ATODA Education Network

Working primarily with District ATODA Coordinators, C&I Directors, Pupil Services Directors, teachers and principals, the ATODA Education Network can develop and deliver formal training opportunities relevant to a district’s needs, while addressing academic standards as well as performance standards for teachers, administrators, and pupil services personnel. 

Assistive Technology

To advance teachers' skills, this service delivers critical tools, training, legal updates, collegial support and leadership. The end result is that students with disabilities will be successful in curriculum through the thoughtful application of technology.

Value-Added Growth Model

CESA 2 and the Value Added Research Center (VARC) have teamed since 2008 to bring the power of the Value-Added Growth Model to school districts in Wisconsin. The Value-Added growth metric is now used in the Educators Effective Process (DPI-EE System).

English Language Learners

To support English Language Learners, a variety of services are offered including a Title III consortium, technical training to screen students, and professional development for educators.

Visually Impaired/Orientation and Mobility

The Blind and Visually Impaired / Orientation and Mobility program is a unique and comprehensive service providing support for students in all areas of the regular and expanded core curriculum.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Direct services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students are provided by qualified teachers in district. Consultation services are also available.

Educational Audiology

Educational Audiologists are available to evaluate whether a child qualifies for special educational services and accommodations related to hearing loss.

Itinerant Services Team

The Itinerant Services Team strives to maintain professional excellence, stay current on educational practice, work in collaboration with district staff, and support students, staff and parents in understanding how the disability may impact the child’s life and education.    

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention

The Non-Violent Crisis Intervention® training program is a holistic behavior management system based on the philosophy of providing the best care, welfare, safety, and security for staff and those in their care, even during the most violent moments.

Parent - Educator Network

The Parent—Educator Network supports effective parental engagement in schools by promoting effective partnerships through positive communication, collaboration, and training, thus improving education for children and young adults with disabilities.

Transition Services

In order to help students with disabilities function at the highest level post-school, numerous transition services are offered including a Network for educators, student events and MECA assessment software and trainings.

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

With new national standards in mathematics and science, STEM education is in an exciting state of transition. The services provided under this program area aim to support educators in understanding and implementing these changes, as well as improving their STEM programs generally.

Substitute Teacher Training

Substitute teacher training is available through WEAC. Go to for more information.

Literacy Services

CESA 2 offers districts access to literacy consultants who are 317 licensed reading specialists to support implementation of literacy curriculum in school districts and compliance with state statutes.

Next Generation Science Standards

These standards represent a bold and needed move forward in science education. Services in this area include science program review, building an understanding of the standards, reviewing curriculum and assessment, and supporting implementation of the standards. 

College and Career Readiness Partnership

The CRP was formed to assist states in implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), through building partnerships with PK-12 and Higher Education. 

Parent University
Special Education Consultation

The Special Education team can provide consultation services designed to strengthen the capacity of school districts to meet the diverse needs of individual students within both their special educational programming and their regular education programming.

Consultation services can include but are not limited to working with specific teachers or personnel, consulting on specific student issues, training on IEP writing, IEP compliance and assisting in IEP meetings, or professional development opportunities held in district. All services are tailored to the needs of the district.


Wisconsin Safe and Healthy Schools Center

The Wisconsin Safe & Healthy Schools Training & Technical Assistance Center builds the capacity of Wisconsin public school districts to implement programs that effectively prevent and intervene in alcohol and other drug abuse and violent behavior among students in order to reduce these barriers to learning.

The Wisconsin Safe & Healthy Schools Center is a collaborative project between the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and the CESA Statewide Network (CSN).  The Center is lead by Statewide Director, Tracy Herlitzke and four Regional Coordinators.


Special Education
Assistive Technology

To advance teachers' skills, this service delivers critical tools, training, legal updates, collegial support and leadership. The end result is that students with disabilities will be successful in curriculum through the thoughtful application of technology.

Associated Financial Group Partnership

CESA #2 has partnered with Associated Financial Group to provide information to school districts regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Seminars, webinars and weekly call ins will occur throughout the year.


System Support Services
CESA Purchasing

Save on purchases. Spend on students. Regional and state-wide contracts are available at little or no cost to districts. Partnerships with vendors ensure cost-savings for districts with thousands of brands and products schools trust.

Professional Development Plans (PDPs)
Educator Effectiveness

The Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System is a performance-based evaluation system designed to support the continuous improvement of educator practice that leads to improved student learning.

ESEA - Title I, Title II, and Title III

ESEA, also known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB), is the largest federally funded education act. In addition to providing assistance with the implementation of federal funds, these services help schools develop and implement quality programs focused on improving student achievement.


Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support is a systemic approach to proactive, school-wide behavior based on the RtI model. It is NOT a curriculum, but rather a decision-making process that guides selection, integration, and implementation of evidence-based behavioral practices and strategies for improving important academic/behavior outcomes for all students.

RtI Network

The Response to Intervention Network serves districts through comprehensive trainings and coaching, which enable districts to effectively implement RtI.

Statewide Title I Network

The Statewide Title I Network is a collaborative effort between the 12 Wisconsin CESAs that provides increased technical assistance and professional development for districts and schools with Title I programs through financial support from the Department of Public Instruction.

Dialogue with Attorney Program

The Dialogue with Attorney program is intended to address general procedural compliance questions in the realm of Special Education. Typical questions and topics include IEP content requirements, IEP meeting requirements, student discipline procedures, least restrictive environments, evaluation procedures, student transfers, Section 504 accommodation plans, etc.

RSN (Regional Service Network)

The mission of the Wisconsin RSN is to improve the quality of educational services to students with disabilities.


Special education program leadership services are available to assist public schools with the delivery of special education services. Customized services are also available based on district need.

SWIS Facilitation

The School-Wide Information System (SWIS) is a web-based information system designed to be an efficient, reliable and confidential strategy for collecting, summarizing, and using student discipline data. SWIS aligns with a Response to Intervention (RtI) framework and provides the needed data for both universal screening and progress monitoring.

Data Analysis and Accountability

Educators need to know how to use data to improve their instructional practices and meet new accountability requirements.  This program area provides resources and training for understanding and using assessment data, using the new online DPI data tools (e.g. WISEdash), and interpreting the new School Report Cards. These services include data digs and SMART goal setting.

System Support Services Center

To function effectively, school districts must manage a variety of different components of their overall educational system. CESA 2 offers support to school districts to implement school-wide and district-wide programs crucial to a strong organziation. A strong school system maximizes student learning.

Leadership Support

In today’s dynamic education climate, it is useful to have places to network with colleagues and learn from each other.  CESA 2 offers a variety of opportunities for district leaders to collaborate and share their  ideas including the CESA 2 Learning and Assessment Collaborative, Leadership Institute in partnership with WASDA and monthly Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) meetings.



Instructional Coaching
Specialized Services Center
Driver Education

Quality Driver Education in both traditional and online settings.

Van Delivery

Low cost and convenient delivery of Professional Resource Center materials, staff development materials and other materials as needed.

JEDI Online Network

Comprehensive virtual learning which includes standards-based curriculum and enhanced offerings for part- and full-time students.

Union Grove Special Education Consortium (UGSEC)

The Union Grove Area Special Education Consortium oversees the provision of special education and related services for five school districts located in Western Racine County. They are Dover #1, Raymond School, Yorkville School, and Union Grove J#1 School, along with the Union Grove Union High School District, grades 9 through 12.

Westosha Special Education Alliance (WSEA)

Westosha Special Education Alliance (WSEA) is a special education consortium overseeing the provision of special education and related services for 10 public school districts located in western Kenosha County west of I-94.

Vocational Opportunities and Assistance Program (VOA)

CESA #2 VOA is a community-based transitional employment and placement program designed for individuals with a disability. CESA #2 VOA provides a variety of services including Pre-Employment Skills Training, Job Development Services, Supported Employment Program, Development Disabilities Follow-up Program, Integrated Training Services and the Learning Lab.

Specialized Services Center

CESA 2's specialized services are tailored to meet the needs of individual adults, stduents and school districts. Services in this area include Vocational Opportunities and Assistance, Driver Education, the JEDI online network, regional Spelling Bees, the Westosha Special Education Alliance, and the Union Grove Special Education Alliance.

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