Board Of Control

The Board of Control is an 11-member board representing geographical clusters in CESA 2. Each member of the Board of Control is a member of his or her school board. The Board of Control sets policies; authorizes expenditures of all money; appoints an Agency Administrator; approves service contracts with local school districts; and receives funding from districts paying for services, from state categorical aid, and from state and federal grants.

Board Member District Represented
Nancy Thompson, Chairperson Waterloo
Jaye Tritz, Vice Chairperson Genoa City Jt. #2
Tom Bush, Treasurer Deerfield
Cindy Beuthin Wisconsin Heights
Jim Bousman Burlington Area
Ron Buchanan Watertown
Beverly Fergus Stoughton
Barb Fischer Elkhorn Area
Evelyn Propp Clinton
Marian Viney Belleville
Jim Wahl Brodhead


Last Updated: 11/11/15